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imaging that
will successfully position your company or service in the market place.

That's our specialty.

save my site!

We get many inquiries in a week and the most common question is:

"Can you save my site?"

"Why yes" we reply. "We can".

The Internet, although a relatively new technological advance in advertising and marketing support media, has been around long enough at this point that many sites are experiencing "Growing Pains".  Over the course of their (sometimes rocky) life time they have been edited and added to by numerous people (not always by a professional) using numerous technologies. The result is a site with interactivity that doesn't work or do what it was originally meant to do, inconsistency in graphics and layout, broken links and pictures that don't show or of poor quality.  The site now, very simply put, looks disjointed and unprofessional with no real focus on a your marketing goals. 

Unfortunately this situation portrays your company in a very poor light.

Here at the Internet Design shop, we specialize in determining what the real focus of your website should be.  We can revamp your site with a fresh look, or rework the present site, to more suite your marketing needs.  The result is a site that is focused and consistent in it's message with graphics and technology that enhance and support your marketing goals. 

Very often, this can be done very affordably and quite painlessly. 

Give us a call.  We'll have a chat about how we can "Save Your Site"!

It's that simple.

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